Medical Insurance

With our Major Medical Insurance, you will be able to design a custom tailored program to meet your family’s specific needs.

You will be able to choose your deductible, co-payment, co-insurance, stop loss limit and maternity coverage.

Our Major Medical Insurance utilizes the Super Med Plus Network. It is one of the larges networks of doctors, hospitals and specialists available. We have had over a 99% acceptance rate with all doctors and hospitals used by our clients.

Claims are paid directly to the facility where services were rendered. You will receive a statement showing the date, facility, services, charges, payments and balance, if any.



Amount of money you will spend out of pocket, before insurance “kicks -in”.


Amount of money you will spend for routine doctor’s office and specialist visits.


After deductible has been met, ratio of how medical bills are spit between the insurance company and you. (80%-20% means $10,000 = $8,000 – $2,000)

Stop Loss Limit:

The maximum amount of money a covered person can spend out of pocket in any one calendar year.

Medical Insurance Questionnaire